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The development trend of China's wind power industry automation market

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      At present, our country has the independent intellectual property rights of the wind turbine is a big gap, the core technology of wind power unit manufacturing is still not mastered. In this regard, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance is studying support programs to develop the localization of wind turbine and its components, or to have independent intellectual property rights of the wind electric motor and machine parts manufacturing to give financial support.
      At present, from the level of development of China's wind power equipment, although already have 600kW and 750kW wind turbine production capacity, but the part of wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises remains in low-end equipment design and manufacturing level. Due to the lack of core technology, China's current energy production of motor equipment are developed countries 10 years ago, the production of products.
      Along with the level of industrial automation, the application of linear motor is becoming more and more extensive. Tamagawa, Panasonic, etc. the company has servo linear motor products, China's Zhejiang University also has a linear motor products. Major companies in the world are vigorously developing new products and open up the application field. Linear motor is also divided into asynchronous, synchronous, step by step, there is a brush, brush and DC, and other types of.
      Domestic wind power equipment market is very broad, the scale of wind power development to wind power equipment manufacturing industry to provide a broad market space. At present, the wind turbine equipment supplier of automation products, the selection to a decisive role, and wind field of the investment and management personnel requires only wind the stable operation of power generation equipment, little brand influence on the automation. But I believe that with the wind power equipment market competition, the small increase in the wind power equipment and management of the wind power equipment used by the impact of automation products will become increasingly large.
      With more and more of the wind turbine manufacturers because of cost considerations, the key development into the variable speed constant frequency wind power generator, because of its use of direct drive, can not install the gear box, so the VSCF wind power generation system will gradually become the market mainstream.
      So in the next year, we predict that the growth rate of the gearbox will be lower than the average growth rate of wind power generation equipment. But the variable speed doubly fed wind turbine will not disappear immediately, a long time, both will coexist.
      Servo system is mainly applied to the variable pitch wind turbine, and at present, each wind turbine supplier R & D and production of the products are based on variable pitch system of the unit, the early fixed pitch stall wind turbine produced little.
      Therefore, we can think that the development of wind power itself and the speed of servo products in the growth rate of wind power can be matched.