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Motor industry is developing rapidly

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      In recent 10 years, with the rapid development of power electronic technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, electric transmission technology is facing a revolution in the field of history, namely AC speed regulation replace DC speed and computer digital control technology to replace the analog control technology has become the trend of development. Motor AC frequency conversion technology is the main means to improve product quality and improve the environment and promote technological progress. This provides a huge market and space for development.
      Along with the power electronic technology, micro motor technology, automatic control the progress and development of the theory of "electronic control motor successful example, and has traditional AC and DC drive characteristics, using controlled work FM, fundamentally solve the oscillation preventing synchronous motor is widely used, the failure problems, and has high efficiency, good reliability, wide speed range, good dynamic response, applicable to the advantages of high speed, harsh environment, has become one of the symbol of the electric drive development.
      Previous limitations on small motor has the following several points: (1) must be to have a power transmission mechanism (such as the slowdown in the gear box) to increase the volume of the motor and the decline in energy efficiency, in addition to achieve high-speed operation requires a certain period of time. (2) in the past, the motor is difficult to take into account both miniaturization and high power output. Therefore, the research and development of new motor, to meet the new development needs, such as the development of ultrasonic motor.
      In the past, the motor is used to work with the interaction of the electric current and the magnetic field. And ultrasonic motor using piezoelectric materials with the inverse piezoelectric effect, namely under the action of alternating electric field, piezoelectric materials will produce telescopic phenomenon, through all kinds of stretching vibration mode of the transformation and the coupling, direct conversion of electric energy into mechanical vibration, and the friction is transformed into a rotating or other mode of operation of the device. Has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, per unit volume to obtain the torque, fast response, no magnetic noise and other advantages. It has been used to automatically zoom cameras, watches, printer, robotics and other fields.
      Because of the low temperature resistance and vacuum resistance, it has been used in aviation and aerospace field.
      Motor performance is superior to the traditional electromagnetic motor in the field of continuous motion and precision control. In the field of industrial control system, auto electric appliance, high precision measuring instrument, office automation equipment, intelligent robot, etc..